keskiviikko 15. heinäkuuta 2015

Sesimbra -> Cabo Espichel Hiking 12.4

//  Oh yeah, another part about "what I have forgotten to tell and post to you" was our (at least mine, I think lady Micha has done many of these in spring time ;) ) longest hiking in 12 of April. We took a bus to Sesimbra early in the morning and were going to hike to Cabo Espichel, about 20 km walk, and then took a last bus back to Setúbal. 

Like... something like that, but in a green areas :D I forgot that good hiking page Micha showed to me. 

The trouble was that the buses. There were not so many buses so the risk was that we would get stuck in Cabo Espichel if we can't make it to the last bus. Then we would have to walk looooong way home haha :D  Let's see how it went:   // 

//  Well, it started little bit differently than we thought. We had one GPS machine, where Micha had put the route, but then we have little confusion where to continue after beginning, walking up really high hills. Weather started to be quite hot, we changed shorter clothes and still sweated like pigs, huhh.. When trying to find the right route, others wanted to try their own route. So yeah, in the end and after long talking we all decided to try that others one. Can't say it wasn't interesting :D 

We, for example went trough some big excavation area, lot of sand and huge pits everywhere, empty buildings and nobody there. Then we saw some explosion warning signs, eeekeeek. So, we decided to follow the road but we had to cross the gates. Usually people try to break in, we broke out that day hahahha.. some jumped and climed over the gates, my and Karens style was more.. Earthy way:   //

..And then some people try to make it little bit harder to pulling you legs same time you try to move forward.

//  Ok, after this:

"walking-a-circle-going-endlessly-somewhere-aaagh-where-we-are-where-we-can-find-good-hiking-road-ohnooo-we-have-to-make-to-that-bus-on-time-aaaaagahhhhh... "

- We decided to find again the loaded route, otherwise we couldn't catch the last bus. I think we found the right route about after 1-2 hours when we had walked already 5-7 km. liek more than we supposed to hahaha. But then we continued looking the GPS. Longlong walk and we stopped couple times to have lunch. For me the hardest was that during all the hiking, there were no trees or shelter from the sun, so all day we spend in hotness under the sun. But look at the views, wow! // 

Putting sunscreen

//  And then we arrived to Cabo Espichel: 

Time to rest

//  Views were amazing, so amazing.. 

 So it was worth that 25-7 kilometer walking day :D But I learned also about myself that for me, maybe hikings around 10-15 km are more my thing than these long ones :D But gosh, I'm so glad I didn't missed this. I think I will remember for the rest of my life that view when standing there andthat feeling, looking these amazingly huge rocks that looks like some really big animal had clawed the edges. I felt myself so small,so small standing there next to them. Part of the rock pictures are from Rafal. // 

Abandoned houses

// And yeah, you were still wondering, did we catch the last bus? 

We did! We took the last one to Sesimbra and there we changed to another bus to take us back to home. But because that we didn't have any time to visit to see Cabo Espichel dinosaur footprint place, and for some that was very disappoinment, aaew. But later we heard that the prints are not that big, quite disappoinment, after all big advertising you should expect more. But still, I never have seen any dinosaur marks, I think that's still cool anyway. 

Way to home was quite quiet, people were happy but quite tired, dirty, maybe burned and little bit hungry. But this day I will remember a long time. 

torstai 14. toukokuuta 2015

Feira das Almas

// During my 5 months I also visited couple times in Feira das Almas, an alternative market in Lisbon. And as you can imagine, I liked it a lot. Lot of different kind of stalls, full of new designers, second hand and vintage sellers, portuguese handmade, art, books, workshops, live music from the new artists... 

At least these months I have been there, it has organized in a really lovely, barn-like house right next to the Anjos, metro stop in the green line. I definitely recommend if you are interested to see something new and unique than the tourists shops on the main streets. :)

Remember to take cash with you! //

Feira das Almas

Regueirão dos Anjos nº68 a 70

perjantai 1. toukokuuta 2015

Abandoned Palace

Hello dears again! 

//  Ohh its has been so long time when I have written here anything! I hope you have been patient, because now I'm TRYING going to post lot of stuff here just before coming back to Finland or little bit after that. I really have to do it now, if I want to share some parts of my experiments here. :) But I still have couple thousand pictures to be edited so mercymercy- I decided to enjoy more about time being in Portugal than actually sit inside the house long hours doing some never-ending editing and picking up the pictures, hahah :D 

But.. Like (at least) Finnish phrase says: What goes around, comes around / What you leaved behind, you'll find it in front of you later blah blahblah.. So now it's the time to kick my ass and do this.

So, I proudly represent my first post in 2 (!! seriously) months:

[ And yes, I cheated with the posting days, so they look like I have done something also in May, muhahahah ]  //

Palace of Comenda

//  Last April me and my friends visited finally the abandoned palace near the beaches. Apparently the house - former royal palace - however you like to call it (but it's huuge, and very nice) have built in the eighteenth century and the owner was personal friend of Kennedy. And apparently when president was assassinated, Jackie Kennedy took the kids and came here to have some peace. 

Actually I didn't even know these fats before now when I was looking some facts - I just heard some rumors about the place, that in the time of dictatorship in Portugal (before 1974), it was built as a gift for someone closer friend. When dictatorship ended 1974 and country turned to democracy, there wasn't any money to keep the place up so the owner abandoned it. 

Here are quite amount of pictures: //

//  We looked little bit inside, oh there would be so many possibilities in the place, to renovate it, do something before it's too rotten. For hotel, or something else, but the building is still so beautiful. In inside and outside also, just couldn't stop looking at the tile paintings there. Usually I don't like abandoned places but this was still in quite good shape, so light and worth to see so I made an exception in this case :D Wasn't too scary heehheh. //

Photo: Micha

Photo: Micha